Post-Nats Depression

I’m not gonna ramble about this year’s format and I’m not gonna tell you how awesome the one’s before 16 (which werent flawless either) have been. The gripe i have since i made the switch from playing singles to playing vgc in 2013 is how the game is played and organized competitively:

There is way too much „down-time“ during the yearly circuit (similar to the official pkmn streams), between Nats/Worlds and the start of the new season. In my opinion, the World Championship should always mark the finish line and be the biggest tournament of the season, with the next one starting about a month aftwerwards, just like it is now. We will still be playing the old format, though. We shouldn’t have to. The metagame is done, there are no upcoming big tournaments before january (hell, the cp rewards aren’t even released, yet they start playing Premier Challenges in the near future) and I don’t know anyone that wants to pour as much preparation as they did before nats or worlds into this waste of time until January or at least until Sun/Moon get released in November.

This simply makes for a very poorly paced circuit. I’ll probably start playing my first Regional in February next year and start the preparation for it with the announcement of the new format. I build teams and try out some probably dumb ideas, because the first big tournament always feels like a shot in the dark. Hopefully by then, the dates for the „Nationals“ are official and released, maybe with the first one starting in May, the last one in June. Most likely there will be some more tournaments in between, though I have to see for myself if I like the format enough to actually play in them.

So, here we are, end of June, first half of the year, and the season is over for probably 95% of the players. Worlds are still one to two months away  and the new format is just a faint hope waiting for its arrival at the end of November. If you haven’t qualified for worlds, there is literally nothing to do for you for half a year. Sure, you could build and play some new teams, but – in the end – you accomplish nothing. Even if you qualified for Worlds and played there, aren’t you fed up with the format at this point? You have reached your goal, and now you are forced to play a metagame that is flooded with worlds-teams-copycats and gimmicks in (probably) best-of-one Premier Challenges, just to reach your goal again next season? For the record, Worlds 2017 will be played on a completely different game.

This year, a clean cut-off after Worlds might have been a little difficult, due to the Sun/Moon release date, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. I could think about worse than San Francisco in Autumn. As for the 15-16 transition, it would have been entirely possible to simply pull the new format out of the magic hat at the end of the closing ceremony and everyone would have been satisified.

I don’t know why we are stuck with a system like this, but  shouldn’t we all start off with a clean slate in the next circuit year and forget about the past instead of being forced to face it for whatever reason?

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